Instructions for Submitting Planning Commission Comments

Due to Covid, Livermore’s Planning Commission is holding their meetings virtually using Zoom. They currently allow two ways for the public to comment, though “in person” comments during the meeting have more of an impact on the commissioners.

  1. During the meeting, a person can submit their comments using the chat function in Zoom, which will then be read into the record by a staff person. Comments are limited to 500 words per person per agenda item. The Zoom system limits the size of a chat submission to about 200-250 words, so if needed, break your comment up into two or three sections, then submit them each in order. Indicate at the beginning of the first section which agenda item number it is addressing. Comments can be submitted at any time until the comment period for that item is closed. The comments are read when the agenda item is reached in the meeting.
  2. Email your comments to Be sure to indicate they are comments for the Planning Commission Meeting, and which agenda item number they are addressing. These submissions will be provided to the Planning Commission and will be made available on the City website prior to the meeting, but will not be read into the record. Emailed submissions are by due noon the day of the meeting.

The instructions are also included in the meeting’s agenda, which you can see here.